© 2021 Work Truck Magazine, Bobit Business Media. 1. Search Within. May 10, 2017 - Advantage Outfitters is the industry leader in commercial van shelving, equipment and storage accessories. “In recent research, Sortimo found out that more than 30 minutes per day, per technician, can be saved through our organization and mobility solution,” she said. Size. Warranty Years. If durability is a priority, we’d point them to steel or aluminum.”. “Bringing in different user groups can provide some key insights to help all departments operate optimally,” he said. $17,950 . Shop for RAM ProMaster bin storage system at American Van. “Underneath that pile is inventory that can be lost, damaged, or become obsolete. Professional grade van equipment and accessories can be beneficial for all professionals who use their cargo van for work. Wall liners are a long-term solution that can help in a wide variety of ways. When you arrive to perform a service, it's crucial to have all the necessary tools at your immediate disposal. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, since every industry — and even every technician — will have its own requirements for a productive configuration. Racks and bins refer to the various storage options available to organize and secure items inside a commercial vehicle; there are many potential uses, some more complicated than others. Today, we announce the closure of Truck Racks Plus. All Miles. “Studies show that every 10% weight reduction leads to a reduction of fuel consumption by approximately 7%,” said Braun of Sortimo. Free local pickup. Costs will vary depending on the vehicle platform and specific solution for that vehicle said Ison of Decked. “Regardless of industry, racks and bins take an empty van and transform it into the technician’s mobile workshop. “Fleets should consider how easy it is to complete field repairs and how they can get service from an authorized dealer,” he advised. By clicking the submit button below, you are agreeing with Bobit Business Media’s Privacy Policy and this outlined level of consent. For that reason, Jose Reyna, national fleet and commercial manager for A.R.E., said longevity should take precedence over price. or Best Offer . Includes Jumbo Deep, Heavy Duty, KD, 30 Series, and Open End. Don Lee Motors - Website. To do so, Culp said adjustability is key. Prevent lost inventory with bins and containers. One manufacturer I know of demonstrates the quality of the product by having a salesperson stand on a shelf and bounce up and down. “When a load isn’t secure it’s unsafe for the driver and can also damage the cargo,” said Dshamal Schoetz, manager of upfitter programs for Mercedes-Benz USA. Here’s a quick look at some of our most popular upfit products for cargo vans: Van Shelving. This impacts the cargo they need to take to the job site and the cargo management products they carry.”, Before shopping for a solution, the first questions to ask are, “What’s working for our technicians now?” and “What’s not working/what could be improved?”. ... Organize tools and supplies with racks and adjustable shelves. Ashley MacLeod, marketing manager for Masterack, said steel is the strongest material on the market, and offers the most cost-effective option for fleets carrying heavy equipment. Unfortunately, you can’t talk to everyone, but you can get a feel for the use and find the most suitable setup for the customer.”. 20. Includes bulkhead and driver laptop stand. “Some companies may only service residential buildings. “A knowledgeable dealer understands gross vehicle weights, towing/hauling capacities, etc., and is able to properly spec a work truck or van. Works on cargo version, will not fit behind second row seats. If your fleet needs an update, turn to Messer Work Van Solutions in Columbus, OH. Everything has a place and we’re here to help you determine where that is. Alle aktuellen ganzen Folgen von den ProSieben-Sendungen kostenlos als Video online ansehen - hier gibt es sie im Überblick! Work Van Equipment offers Kargo Master & Ranger Design commercial cargo van shelving, van equipment, and van ladder racks. Kargo Master 6 Stacked Small Parts Bin Cabinet. This 1/2 ton work cargo van has a BIN PACKAGE, Cargo Mat, BARRIER/BULKHEAD CAGE, V8-4.6L Gas Engine, LADDER R... Don Lee Motors - Website. Check out our van shelving packages including racks and bins for cargo work vans! Nissan. These companies know that it is worth the investment to get exactly what the technician needs in order to optimize their time on a job.” In Stock. A complete upfit is made up of a variety of different products that are professionally installed in your work van. Carfax is showing showing structural Damage due to the ladder racks installed on roof. “We even ride along when we can. Storage bins supported with steel rest assemblies. The most diverse product line in the industry. Overall, a rack and bin solution should last the life of a truck at least once. 2016 Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van with a BIN PACKAGE, Cargo Mat, BARRIER/BULKHEAD CAGE, and Sliding Side Door. away . … One of the main considerations for your work van purchase is the size. Lesen Sie jetzt „"Ich bin hier der Boss! $359.95 $ 359. “Don’t go it alone. Today, we announce the closure of Truck Racks Plus. $600 Please reply for prompt response. But, if the body company drills a hole on the chassis and it causes a fracture that cracks the frame, the damage to the chassis won’t be covered under the warranty because you modified it after you bought it. The qualities to look for may depend on your use, but in general, most fleets should look for a solution that is durable, adjustable, safe and offers a suitable warranty. Free local pickup. 93,469 miles - Van, Cargo Van . Inspected Work Van. From small parts organizers and bins, to an ergonomic mobile workstation with a workbench and locker, our van storage solutions will turn your cargo van into an efficient work van. No other company can provide as many fleet options as Masterack. “If you’re purchasing a ladder rack, for instance, you want to make sure it can safely hold the ladder you’re carrying. Watch; 2014 Chevrolet Express 3500. Select Options. “Because they know that the field operator works in a complex environment, must be highly skilled and well-trained, and therefore has a high labor cost on an hourly basis. Instead of shifting and potentially entering the cab and injuring its occupants (and not to mention causing damage to valuable inventory), contents stay safely in place. We built our bed platform tall enough to have plenty of storage space underneath. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about them. GMC. “If the van shelving and boxes are not secured professionally inside the vehicle, racks and bins can shift while the van is in motion or hurt the driver in an accident. The adjustable shelving comes in a variety of sizes, with multiple shelf and bin sizes to meet your needs. Van equipment and van accessories provide detailing to your cargo van. For professional tradespeople, the work van is more than just an engine and four tires. “In that scenario, your family is probably there to help you clean it up. 17. It has been our pleasure to serve you and we are grateful for your business. Steel Partition Mounting Kit, 3" Setback, Gray, NV Low Roof, Steel Partition Panel Kit w/ Visibility, Gray, Multiple Vehicles, Steel Partition Panel Kit, Gray, Sprinter High Roof, General Service Starter Package, Gray, Transit Connect, 105", Electrical Starter Package, Gray, NV Low Roof, ADseries Van Shelving Systems by Adrian Steel. The adjustable shelving comes in a variety of sizes, with multiple shelf and bin sizes to meet your needs. Instant Online Approvals! A consistent, uniform design for your work van fleet helps you promote your business. High-quality storage systems for your Ram ProMaster van. Free local pickup. Ford E150 Cargo Van Racks and Bins Ladder Rack On Top Work Service Vans 1 Owner We Finance! When you choose steel van shelving for your Chevy Express or GM Savana work van, you can easily organize your tools, equipment and other important items to make them easy to reach and quick to find. For more than 10 years, Truck Racks Plus has worked hard to earn your business. Find the perfect application for your next work vehicle. Our welded van shelving units allow for additions, such as blue bins, door kits, drawer units, and more. “The most unique application I have ever seen is a company who utilized our shelving to transport empty coffins,” said Jay Cowie, product manager for Ranger Design. Our storage bin shelves are not exclusively van equipment. Even within the same vocations, we see differences,” said Todd Goldmeyer, marketing manager for Adrian Steel Company. Select Options. New (1) Used - Including Certified (78) Make & Model. ChevroletChevrolet. “If the body is too heavy, the truck will be dangerously close to the gross vehicle weight limit and you won’t be able to carry anything,” said Banda of Navistar. $38,163 . “We try to meet with the end user and upfitters so we can listen to the technicians and understand what they’re looking for,” he said. Flexible shelving solutions for your cargo van. Some companies may only service industrial companies. “A metal shelf, once bent, is going to be bent forever,” he said. “If boxes and bins are organized and securely stowed in the van, parts can be found more easily and aren’t damaged during transport. away . Banda of Navistar said erosion protection can maintain the life of a rack and bin solution and recommends a galvanized powder protective anti-corrosion coating to do the job. “The decisions surrounding upfitted bins and racks are based on the vocation,” said Cindy Towe, assistant manager, Business Elite promotions and incentives for GM Fleet. Transit Connect Cargo 2.5L XL LWB 20,000 Miles Loaded + Pre-Owned. Custom storage solutions to maximize efficiency in your work truck or van. Adrian Steel has a wide selection of storage bins for your van. Over time, this turns many service vehicles into a rolling mess,” he said. View our Catalogs online or Request a Catalog, Find a local Adrian Steel distributor in your area. Commercial Van Outfitter. Select Options. Ford E150 Racks and Bins in back, and Ladder rack on top. Our best selling van shelves just got better! “A more fuel-efficient vehicle with a higher MPG yields a more productive driver in the field. It’s your portable office on wheels. 95. The safest option is to go with a high-quality and crash-tested van solution,” Braun said. Our wide selection of both aluminum and steel van shelves and van accessories is sure to offer you the perfect solution for upfitting your van. Kargo Master and Ranger Design provide a wide array of cargo van shelving and storage for work vans ranging in size from a compact cargo van, like small Ford Transit Connect or Nissan NV200, to a full size cargo van, like the High Roof Mercedes Sprinter or High Roof Ram ProMaster. Watch; 2018 Ford Transit Connect XL. When calculating the return on investment of a solution, Braun of Sortimo said improved technician productivity pays off. Kargo Master Van Shelf Bin Organizer 10"Wide (6 Bin) $87.00 $82.00 Sale. Cargo Van For Sale. Adding too many or not enough upfit options can be a costly mistake.”, Reyna of A.R.E. Not every driver will follow the rules and not every driver will follow the proper procedures. 2013 FORD ECONOLINE . Shop online or call to speak with a sales representative! The most costly is to buy everything brand new; while that investment is more significant, the upside is the associated warranty. Premium. The great thing about Adrian Steel’s van equipment is that it can be customized to meet your professional needs. With many racks and bin options on the market, how they will be used depends on the industry and needs of the technician. Banda said buying factory-direct bins and racks allows buyers to maintain the vehicle warranty. $17,950. Many types/sizes. New/Used/CPO. “They can draw on their many years of experience to ensure you find the right package.”, Advice from Towe of GM Fleet? MacLeod of Masterack said manufacturers can oversee vehicle loading and unloading scenarios and ensure that the selected storage system maximizes efficiency. Upfitting experts say fleets should know two other things: First, weight matters and second, you shouldn’t go it alone. While fleets may have a thorough understanding of their needs, they aren’t likely to be the experts at configuring the most effective rack and bin solution to meet them. We respect your data and privacy. Racks, which store long, oddly shaped items, and bins, which store smaller items like parts, tools, and other materials, serve three key purposes: they carry the tools and materials technicians need to do their jobs; they keep that cargo and the driver safe if contents shift en route, and they provide much-needed organization so technicians can quickly and easily grab what they need. The right mix of shelves, drawers, and storage will enable the technician to have what he needs on hand when he arrives at the job site.”. Safety is another important consideration. Featuring shelving for electricians, plumbers, service contractors, and many other trades! Weight also has an impact on fuel economy — the heavier the solution, the lower the MPG. I wouldn’t try that on a metal shelf.”. Bartholomaeus Grill schreibt über das Thema „None“. Portland, OR 197 mi. Because your work van or truck is your on-the-go workspace, it’s simple for the interior to become messy by the time the job is done for the day. Storage bins. “With fixed shelves, say, 15 inches apart, if the cargo is only six inches tall, you’re wasting 9 inches of usable space,” he said. “Why?” Culp asked. Options typically include aluminum, steel, or composite, each offering specific benefits. The van is Ready to work! Premium. $69.00 shipping. We understand that on the job, efficiency is everything. True Racks Van Shelving Storage Unit with Door Kit 45" L x 44" H x13 D to fit GMC, Chevy, Ford Van Standard/Low Roof. Work Van Equipment offers Kargo Master & Ranger Design commercial cargo van shelving, van equipment, and van ladder racks. This way, you're able to finish the job in good time without complications. Investing in your vehicle or fleet offers several benefits to your vehicles, drivers and business as a whole. Mileage. 20. Underneath the Bed Platform . A padlock is important to have, too, to prevent theft.”. “Take the time to ride with them and ask what they like and don’t like about the current vehicle storage options.”. Maximize the cargo space in your work van; Safely transport your valuable tools and equipment; Keep everything organized Available for:  GM Full Size Vans, Ford Full Size Vans, Cargo Trailers, Walk-In Vans. If fleets are hesitant to try a new solution, Cowie of Ranger Design recommended selecting a pilot vehicle, then asking a variety of drivers to take a critical look at what worked and what didn’t before rolling it out fleet-wide. Pipe storage. $15,700.00. Discount Ramps offers a wide selection of heavy duty and lightweight racks, which quickly attach to roof tops. Reyna underscored the importance of racks and bins to minimize liability. He also suggested bins and racks designed with sliders that use bearings so they can be easily opened and closed — and protect the technician, too. 4. But it is a carfax 1 Owner NO Accidents with 53 Service Records with the van, where are you going to find a more well maintained service van Than this? MacLeod of Masterack said getting technicians’ input should be a key part of a needs assessment. Bins are the best way to organize your work van neatly for better efficiency on the job. Portland, OR | 197 mi. What happens when trucks and vans aren’t equipped with racks and bins? Dejana’s Culp said beyond which racks and bins fleets choose, fleets should also be selective about what items technicians carry in them. Organization is perhaps the most useful thing that installing GM Savana or Chevy Express Van shelving packages can offer to anyone who relies on their work van as their mobile office. Pre-Owned. Shop online or call to speak with a sales representative! Adjustable Shelving. The safest option is to go with a high-quality and crash-tested van solution,” Braun said. away . Don Lee Motors - Website. For example, if their vehicles carry a lot of weight, they made need composite racks and bins. Came out of Chev Express 1500. Fleets should make sure racks and bins are safe and easy to use in order to protect the well-being of technicians, and should also make sure equipment can be properly locked down to protect their investment. Includes shelf units, rail kits, and accessories. Just because you did it last year doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to do this year.”. Amazon's Choice for van storage bins Akro-Mils 08212BLUE 30210 AkroBins Plastic Storage Bin Hanging Stacking Containers, (5-Inch x 4-Inch x 3-Inch), Blue, (6-Pack) 4.6 out of 5 stars 960 Kargo Master Shelf Bin Organizer 10"Wide (2 Bin) $48.00 $46.00 Sale. “For example, an electrician, a landscaper, and a baker would have different vocational needs to add another level of functionality to their fleet vehicles.”. All Rights Reserved. “That way if something goes wrong during the upfitting process, you’re protected, because the factory authorized the work prior to you buying the equipment,” he explained. Keep your van cargo area secure with wire window screens. said his team consults with customers on how to optimize the space they have to work with. Ask for help,” she said. No matter your trade, Ranger Design’s cargo van shelving, bins and accessories can be tailored to your every need! $6,795.00. Van Storage Units. “If the van shelving and boxes are not secured professionally inside the vehicle, racks and bins can shift while the van is in motion or hurt the driver in an accident. Some do a combination of both. There are many vocations that use cargo vans and need products to help them keep organized in a safe and efficient manner. For a large selection of bookshelves, contoured units, deep square back units, fold-away shelving and much more that can hold industry-leading strength, take a look below. “Racks and bins allow them to safely transport this equipment to the job site, then stow it safely and securely when it’s not in use,” he said. “Even with a well-managed replacement cycle, many fleets are going to keep these vehicles for a long time,” he said. 2020 (1) 2017 (1) 2016 (1) 2015 (4) 2014 (1) 2013 (1) 2012 (7) 2011 (4) 2010 (3) 2009 (1) 2008 (3) 2007 (9) 2006 (7) 2005 (14) 2004 (5) 2003 (1) 2001 (4) 2000 (1) 1999 (2) 1998 (2) Show More. Portland, OR | 197 mi. away . Stop searching for free‑range parts by keeping them in a bin that you can carry onto the jobsite. Culp of Dejana suggested looking for composite, durable, and lightweight materials that will stand the test of time. But in the field, many technicians are working alone — and worse, they can get hurt if they drop their tools.”. ZIP. AA Products Inc. P-SH-Tote Shelf Kit for Van Shelving Storage, 3 Plastic Storage Box w/ 1 Set Organizer Holder for Small Parts, Screws and Hardwares. “Experts can help ensure you do it right and avoid mistakes,” said Schoetz of Mercedes-Benz USA. Choosing the Best Work Vans – Buying Guide. Van shelving provide organized space for your cargo van. “Don’t look at the price point; look for quality and durability — those are the features that will pay off,” he said. With our selection of van storage bins, you can choose the finishing details to tailor your cargo van upfit to your specific needs. If you were to step into the shoes of a mobile technician — say, a person in the utilities, cable, telecommunications, or pest control industries — much of your day will be spent providing a service, such as installing cables, making repairs, or spraying for pests. Pre-Owned. At Vanarack, we've done the hard work for you, sourcing the best van roof racks & roof bars in the business, all in one place saving you time and money. You can Fill out a Free Super Quick Pre-Approval Credit Application here! But, a good portion of your day will also be spent making trips to your truck or van to retrieve the tools you need to perform that service. Includes Jumbo Deep, Heavy Duty, KD, 30 Series, and Open End. Upfitted Cargo Van. 86,027 miles - Van, Cargo Van, Moving Van, Box Truck - Straight Truck 2012 Ford E150 Cargo Van with 86K Miles. For more than 10 years, Truck Racks Plus has worked hard to earn your business. Racks and bins make doing so easy. "“. “Aluminum is one lightweight option,” he said. Includes shelving units and accessories. Fleets should always take the weight of a rack and bin system into consideration and ensure there is enough available payload after installation. Upfitted Cargo Van. “I once asked a technician why he needed three heavy hammer drills in his van. Ramses Banda, senior product manager, medium-duty trucks for Navistar, gave the example of a farm tractor repair company, which would need a welding machine, welding torch, a drill, a sander, wrenches, sockets, and a host of other equipment to fix a tractor on-site. $16,900.00. Serving Car & Truck Fleet Management Professionals, Serving Corporate, Executive, & Financial Managers Of Large Commercial Fleets, Serving Leaders In Fleet Mobility & Emerging Technology, Serving Public Sector Fleet Professionals, Serving Medium & Heavy Duty Commercial Truck Professionals, Serving Transit Bus, Private Motorcoach, & Passenger Rail Professionals, Serving School & Pupil Transportation Fleet Professionals, Serving Vocational & Service Fleet Professionals. Our storage bins are versatile as they are removable, to ensure you stay organized on the job site and on the go. Feb 1, 2016 - Can not beat back to back bin size comparisons! “Every user is different. Culp of Dejana said durability is important because if racks and bins are damaged, they’re not likely to be replaced — and that means they lose their effectiveness. No matter your trade, Kargo Master’s array of storage and van accessory products let you customize your vehicles for your precise needs. Van storage bins are available in various sizes to accommodate different items and keep them from moving around or shifting during transit. Culp of Dejana noted fleets in low-skill, low-labor-cost industries can buy a basic shelving system for about $2,000, whereas a utility company with more specialized needs may spend $10,000 to $12,000 on a van upfit package. Dec 12, 2015 - Explore Jason Jackson's board "Van shelving ideas" on Pinterest. Wire Window Screens. “The ‘pile’ in the van obscures what’s really in the vehicle, and in this case added extra weight, which erodes fuel economy.”. See more ideas about van shelving, van, van racking. Advantage Outfitters offers all the van shelving, wall liners, partitions, floors and roof equipment you need to make your commercial work van work better! “The technician is more productive if boxes and bins with tools and parts can be easily removed from the van and carried to the workplace in one run,” she said. Manufacturers and upfitters are. At our factory, we pre-pierce the chassis so the right holes are there for when the body is installed.”. or Best Offer. “Fleets should be aware their technicians spend a lot of time searching inside the van and carrying items from the van to the job site,” said Isabella Braun, international business development manager for Sortimo. “Think outside the van. Get a specialty van storage system for heavy-duty storage, lockable cabinets and part boxes, or personalize your storage with stackable drawers, customizable shelving and adjustable bin dividers, as well as accessories such as tank and cable racks, work … 1. Below are a few reasons why you should consider getting an upfit installed in your cargo van. You know how it is, you often have to pick up stuff that is a little larger than the usual; sheet materials, pipes, or other large and bulky items.

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