By embracing problems and trying to work out through the nuances and training your mind to do it every time, you come across such situations is a great way to train your mind for massive success. Train your mind Download my free ebook: “ Stretch Your Mind ,” a compilation of exercises to grow beyond your comfort zone, one stretch at a time. High drama means high emotions. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for the creation of good in your life, but if not used correctly, can also be the most destructive force in your life. But you can, understand it, tame it and live in harmony with your furry companion. Have you ever been so upset that you feel like you’re “losing your mind?” This happens because the part of your brain that controls your ability to communicate your unique experience can shut down, leaving you literally speechless. Just as Buddha said, meditation is the primary way to tame your monkey mind. Related: Mental Strength Quotes. Your subconscious mind has something called a homeostatic impulse, which regulates … turn your world upside, stir things around, see how it goes. Amishi Jha studies how we pay attention: the process by which our brain decides what's important out of the constant stream of information it receives. 1. Once you train your mind and see the positive in every situation life will be phenomal. Give your mind more to do: Research by Nilli Lavie at University College London has found that adding deliberate distractions – a jazzy border on a … See more. "Your head will collapse if there is nothing in it" meaning, if you feel you have no purpose, you will lose your sense of life, and will to change and do things you love. Song MeaningIf you dont like where your life is/headed, mix it up.Dont just fuck around and tolerate it, do something about it. We are sharing some inspiring strong mind quotes, sayings and proverbs (with images and pictures) so that you train it well to achieve everything you aim in life. Give your mind more to do. "Pay attention to your attention," Jha says. Through understanding of the Monkey Mind, the monkey feels like he is being listened to, and understood. Essentially, if your monkey mind is going wild, give it a job: to focus on your breath. Tame definition, changed from the wild or savage state; domesticated: a tame bear. Your brain is built to reinforce and regulate your life. This article first appeared on Medium. To control your thoughts means to influence the way you live your life. And when your emotions hijack you, they take over your ability to express yourself and make good decisions. Both external distractions (like stress) and internal ones (like mind-wandering) diminish our attention's power, Jha says -- but some simple techniques can boost it. The Buddhist perspective recommends quiet meditation. Also see bring to mind; call to mind; enter one's mind. This phrase replaced the earlier come in mind, which dates from the late 1300s. Be recollected, occur to one, as in A new idea just came to mind. This video explains it very well. Tell the monkeys in your mind what to do.